Want to Grow Your Business?  Consider Being a Mentor 

The benefits of mentorship are tenfold. You will become a better leader, learn more about yourself and your profession, gain new perspectives by working with a younger generation and improve productivity just to name a few. By mentoring a client, you can realize these benefits in addition to forming a strong bond and lasting relationship within the industry. By mentoring a team member in your business or organization, you are improving employee retention and strengthening the culture in a way that you can influence.  

By definition, a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who offers support to someone who needs it. By mentoring a professional with less experience, you are placed in an immediate leadership position. By educating people about the industry and career through your experience, you are forced to take an inventory of your own experiences and become more reflective about the many things that you have done and learned. This will allow you to become a better leader to your mentee and with other groups too.  

When initially meeting with your mentee, have a conversation and get their input about what goals they have for the mentorship. Brainstorm potential topics they would like to discuss and set up a schedule to meet routinely. Be open to adjusting the framework as the relationship develops. With each meeting as you get to know each other more, you may be able to dig a little deeper and find out what your mentee really wants to know or learn.  

By having designated time, say over a monthly coffee, you will gain new perspectives and ideas from your mentee. Place yourself in their shoes. Learn about how they see things. As your mentee will likely be younger, they are probably more inclined to use technology in different ways. Allow the mentee to be the expert in technology and ask them questions about a new technical resource they have used in the past month. This will help them to get talking about something they are an expert in and will build their confidence while you genuinely learn from them.  

This ongoing relationship will be empowering for you. It may rejuvenate your own career by learning to see things differently, by challenging your own behavior, by practicing being a leader by changing someone’s life, including your own! This new personal growth will undoubtedly transfer to new growth in your business with the improved energy and motivation you gained in your mentorship.  


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