3 Benefits to Convey Digital Security Strengths to the Skeptical

“Back in my day.”


You might hear that refrain quite a lot in your business. When working with people from older generations, there’s a lot of precedence to push against when trying to talk about how cutting-edge, digital tools can help—especially with end-of-life concerns like wills, trusts, estate plans, or other tasks requiring a notary.


They’re right though. The act of notarization has been an in-person affair for literally centuries. Most states didn’t allow Remote Online Notarization (RON) before 2020. So it’s easy to empathize, then, with folks who might assume we haven’t worked out all the kinks just yet.


Digital notarization, however, offers a wealth of benefits to anyone looking to sign their documents. When working with skeptical clients, be sure to highlight these three aspects of digital notary.


Ease of Access for All Walks of Life


Point out that digital notarization is both easy and accessible to those with the right tools and assistance. Anyone with an internet connection and a screen can hop into a remote notarization session and get the ball rolling on whatever agreement they have.


Not only is this useful for those who are busy, but it is also a vital resource for individuals who have a harder time getting around. You can drive this point home for both the elderly and for those adult children who want to take care of their aging parents in a way that is approachable while still remaining secure.


Ease of Access Does NOT Mean Exposed


Many people may feel that hitting a button to apply a digital signature to a document isn’t as meaningful or as secure as holding a pen and scribbling their years-practiced signature on a dotted line. For those who’ve signed physical documents all their life, this can feel like a huge disconnect.


When teaching this aspect, be careful about overwhelming your client with jargon. It’s easy to throw out terms like eSignatures and digital seals, but the most important thing to convey is that their signature is protected—no matter what it looks like on the computer. With the help of a trusted notary who is present on the remote call, everything about the digital notarization is secure and verified.


Digital Records and Infinite Backups


Describe how cloud storage combines with digital record-keeping to make sure any changes to a document are recorded. For example, after the notary confirms and seals a document with a digital certificate, you can show how the tamper-evident documentation keeps track of any activity after the documents are signed.


After a digital notarization, make sure to give them physical copies of the digital session. It may help ease their mind to have that hybrid documentation. The main point is helping your clients—no matter their age—make their decisions with confidence. With the right information and team, you can provide that support.


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