Time and Money in the Notary Business

While the act of notarization can be as simple as confirming a single signature, there is a lot that leads up to that moment—as well as many costs that go into the process. In the case where you’re running a large business in need of several signatures and notarial certificates over potentially hundreds of contracts, this gets expensive fast.


You don’t want to miss key details when it comes to ensuring easy, reliable notarization. But cutting costs doesn’t have to involve cutting corners.


Typical Costs in the Notary Process


Notaries often charge by the signature or certificate. When organizing a face-to-face appointment with a notary, some notaries have offices while others drive out to a place of your choosing. Depending on the commute to your location, they may charge extra for the distance.


Unseen Costs of the Notary Process


There may be other costs and factors to consider, such as which state you’re in. Some states regulate how much a notary may charge while others leave it up to the notary’s preference.


Opportunity costs are important to recognize here as well. While you spend your time on the road getting to the notary or waiting on the notary to fight traffic to get to you, you could be doing something else.


In the event you have a difficult client, it can feel like herding cats trying to get your business, your client, and the notary all in the same place at the same time. Every hiccup is more lost productivity on your end.


Reducing Costs with Remote Online Notarization


One key method of avoiding these costs is keeping it all digital or using hybrid notarization. When you lean on remote resources, you can meet your notary anywhere and avoid travel fees.


Remote online notarization also allows you to organize everything in a way that makes parsing through dozens or hundreds of signatures at a time easier. Rather than a stack of physical documentation, you can work through the notarizations with the press of a button.


All of this comes with additional, encrypted security thanks to dedicated applications that allow for safe, trusted notarization that can be easily kept on a file for your long-term records.


When you make the decision to notarize your documents with RON, it is vital to ensure you get it done right the first time. With notary experts who have years of experience with the new and evolving state of remote notary, you can prepare ahead of time rather than waste manhours and money reversing a remote mistake. 


With Bilingual Notary Network, you have access to a list of professionals trained in every aspect of the notary industry at your disposal. We can walk you through the potential costs and help you identify when RON serves your bottom line better.


A Better Way to Close with BNN Services  


Since 2008, BNN Services has been trusted by title agencies, mortgage lenders, servicers, and consumers to perform loan and document signings in multiple languages across the country.    


Unlike other signing services, BNN Services “touches” every file 8 to 9 times, ensuring the process moves forward free of delays. That is why we have completed over 250,000 signings in all 51 jurisdictions and maintained a closing ratio of 96 percent.  


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