How to Make Your Closings Easier on You and Your Clients

Closing on an agreement—whether it’s for real estate, another loan, or any business process requiring a notary—involves a lot of moving parts. From involved parties to documentation requirements, there are a lot of moments when hiccups can result in delayed closings and lost time. The less efficient a closing is, the more likely things are to fall through at the last minute.


For your business’s sake, it’s important to make sure you’ve done everything on your end to make the closing process approachable. When you make it easier for your client—you make things easier for yourself.


To make that easier than ever, we’ve pulled together the 4 steps you need to take to ensure a smooth closing.


  1. Identify All the Documentation Your Closing Requires


Each closing is different, but the process is usually the same depending on the purpose. By identifying the key documents you and your client will need ahead of time, you can help get things over the finish line faster. A great way to make this easier is by having those documents ready to go through digital repositories.


  1. Learn How to Teach Your Client About Required Documentation


You’re good at your job (which is why your clients hire you), but that can lay the foundation for a lot of confusion if you’re not careful. If your client is a first-time homebuyer, they may feel overwhelmed by every step. Instead of leaving them in the dark or overwhelming them with all the nitty gritty, offer a snackable way to learn about your process. This may help them close with more confidence. 


Even if your clients are business savvy or they’ve been through the process with you before, they still might not understand (or remember) everything that’s involved at each step. When you’re able to walk them through it in an easy-to-understand way that shows how you’re making it simple for them, you demonstrate how you’re the expert and that closing with you is their best bet.


  1. Keep Your Client in the Loop When Things Change


There are often steps when a client is waiting for other parties to handle their end of the process. For example, after a homebuyer delivers their check, the lender typically needs to distribute funds before the next step. Whether that’s you distributing the funds or receiving them, you can help the process along by notifying your client at each checkpoint. Doing so keeps people aware of the process and lets them know when it’s time for them to act again.


  1. Make the Signing Steps Painless


At Bilingual Notary Network, our whole job revolves around the notary step. But we understand that you, your clients, and other parties involved with a closing transaction often have other things pulling at your attention. That’s why it’s so vital to make sure the signing is the easiest step. 


With the right team, you can organize your documentation, inform your client of their responsibilities, and arrange for a conventional or digital notarization to wrap things up with a nice bow.


A Better Way to Close with BNN Services  


Since 2008, BNN Services has been trusted by title agencies, mortgage lenders, servicers, and consumers to perform loan and document signings in multiple languages across the country.    


Unlike other signing services, BNN Services “touches” every file 8 to 9 times, ensuring the process moves forward free of delays. That is why we have completed over 250,000 signings in all 51 jurisdictions and maintained a closing ratio of 96 percent.  


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