What You Need to Know About the SECURE Notarization Act

On July 27, 2022, the House passed the SECURE Notarization Act. It is currently awaiting deliberation in the Senate, but if this legislation passes and becomes federal law, it will provide homeowners and prospective buyers nationwide with immediate use of Remote Online Notarization (RON) technology. 


RON allows a notary and document signer to use video and audio technology to sign documents electronically in a safe and secure manner. The benefit is that a notary no longer needs to be in the presence of the document signer at closing. RON makes it easy for closings to move forward regardless of if a person must socially distance due to illness or if they are unable to travel. 


While this practice is already legal in many states, there is still a handful that requires the document signer and notary to be physically present for wet signatures and the notary seal. If the Senate passes the SECURE Notarization Act and RON becomes national law, it provides the following benefits to consumers: 

  • Assurance for interstate recognition of RON 
  • Increased consumer protections using technological automation 
  • Minimum national standards outlined in the SECURE Notarization Act in states that have already passed RON laws (if minimum requirements are met with the state law, then the state’s law would supersede the national law.) 


RON is supported by many organizations and associations in the United States, including the National Association of Realtors and the American Land Title Association. These organizations, and many others, have encouraged the passage of laws, regulations, and standards to advance RON across the United States. RON provides validity and reliability to notarized public records which provides the solid foundation for all parties in the real estate industry. 


A Better Way to Close with BNN Services 

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