Put Your Best Foot Forward – Recommendations for How to Act When Client Facing

Vince Lombardi says it best “It takes months to find a customer…and seconds to lose one.” Did you know it takes, on average, eight interactions for a prospective client to recognize your business name and what you offer? While these interactions may vary from social media, business referrals, or general marketing, the point is that what Lombardi says is true.  

Having good customer service, while vital in any industry, is essential to a successful notary business. Below are our top recommendations to ensure you keep your best foot forward in front of your clients: 

  • The early bird gets the worm. Be on time for every notarization. Come prepared and well informed about the closing if any questions are asked. 
  • Show your clients that you know what you are doing. Understand what is going on with industry trends, keep your training up to date, and ensure your commission schedule is still relevant. 
  • Be flexible. Your client is your most important priority. Give them first class service and do what you can to go beyond your client’s needs and expectations. 
  • Keep it professional. While it may be easy to complain about your situation or be frustrated with your clients, remember it is essential to stay professional and not criticize your competition in front of signers.  
  • Do not neglect your client. If you are running late, or have had scheduling issues, let your clients know sooner rather than later. A simple call or text saying you will be 10 minutes late is better than no communication. 
  • Admit your mistakes. If you see an error on a form that your client is about to sign, speak up and take a proactive approach to fix the forms. The last thing your client wants is for a document to be rejected after signing because of a clerical error. 


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