Go Paperless with These Tips 

Digitization is the way of the future, and BNN Services embraces this current digital evolution. We have enabled our network of talented notaries by equipping them with the necessary technology to offer remote online notarization around the globe. Through our business’ evolution, we have learned that one of the main benefits to digitization is the opportunity to go paperless.  

Going paperless is important because as it adds an element of security for you and your clients. When you have an office that is full of filing cabinets, those cabinets are a playground for someone with ill intentions. Whether it is social security numbers, medical records, or financial account numbers, paper records can quickly become a liability. When you digitize documents into a secure digital document storage system, you add an element of security to keep someone with sticky fingers away from your documents. You also have added safety and security in the event a natural disaster strikes your office. 

Chances are you’ve thought about moving your business to digital but have not because the task list is daunting. Check out these simple and straightforward steps to get started so you can transition your business. 

  • Set goals and get buy-in from your team. It is essential to discuss your goal of going paperless with your team. To get buy-in from your team who will be doing the work, listen to their ideas,  concerns and objectives to solve problems. When you create goals with your team, offer incentives as well. It is a lot of work to scan all the papers in your office so reward your team for a job well done. Also, do not be a barrier to your team, and be sure to lead by example so your team sees your commitment to the goal. Start to digitize the documents you work on, organize your files accordingly, and show people that you appreciate their efforts in the process. 
  • Purchase the right system. For a paperless system to work effectively, you must take scanning and storing a step further and purchase a document management system that labels, sorts and stores documents for easy access. Also, ensure the system you chose is cloud based rather than hard drive based. There are many systems available, and each is unique. Compare multiple systems and ask industry colleagues to learn exactly what you want and need in a system. 
  • Digitize all parts of your business. Going paperless is just one piece of the puzzle. Start to utilize your CRM systems to their full potential and track your emails, client notes, and set reminders for you to follow up when needed. Create automations in your CRM system to send emails and reminders to clients to show that you care about them. Invest in social media scheduling software to ensure consistent posts are being sent to your platforms so your audience sees you as a thought leader and that you are available to help them, when needed. 

Going digital will save your organization money, time, and increase efficiency. How do we know? Because we are proof that technology can work in your favor and help you build a sustainable organization. 


A Better Way to Close with BNN Services    

Since 2008, BNN Services has been trusted by title agencies, mortgage lenders, servicers, and consumers to perform loan and document signings in multiple languages across the country.  

Unlike other signing services, BNN Services “touches” every file 8 to 9 times, ensuring the process moves forward free of delays. That is why we have completed over 250,000 signings in all 51 jurisdictions and maintained a closing ratio of 96 percent.  

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