Five Ways to Increase Personalization in a Digital World

The digital world is not for the faint of heart. Most products and services are accessible to consumers at the tip of their fingers. While this has created an environment of instant gratification, it often leaves the consumer craving and wanting more. Over 60 percent of leaders said the pandemic made organizations embrace digital transformation as an effort to stay in business.


While many consumers love how easily accessible products and services are, 76 percent are frustrated that the personalized approach to consumerism and service is gone. Businesses with poorly managed digitization have replaced basic face-to-face interactions with cold automated emails. Gone are the days of a firm handshake after a document signing or a congratulatory hug from your realtor after closing on your first home. These personalized interactions are often done subconsciously as a sign of respect. Yet, they make for an enjoyable experience that creates additional business for you through referrals and future purchases.


How do you create a meaningful and personalized experience when you are a mobile notary primarily working with remote clients? Below are five tips to help create an enjoyable experience for your clients.


  1. Onboarding

Make onboarding a breeze for your clients and ensure you gather more than basic information. For example, ask them how they would prefer to receive communications and how often they expect to hear from you.

In your digital platform, allow your clients to have a secure account where they can update their information anytime.


  1. User Experience

Ensure your digital platforms are easy to navigate with mobile accessibility. Include the items your clients expect to find on your site in plain view. For example:

How to book a consultation

Where to upload documents or update their portfolio

Access your calendar to make or change an appointment

Create these interaction flows to easily guide your clients through achieving what they want. Remember that a millennial’s tech literacy may differ drastically from a boomer’s experience. Tweak and adjust as you see fit for your target audience.


  1. Personalized Communications

When sending emails, always address your communications using your client’s name. Using the onboarding data you collect, be sensitive to the preferred type of communication and how frequently they want to receive updates. A quick text message to a client giving them an update on their account shows them that you care.

Send your clients relevant information that may be of interest to them. For example, if you have a client looking to purchase a home, a quick email about the news of interest rates expecting to rise is an easy and essential way to keep your clients informed and to show your credibility.


  1. Virtual Meetings

Rather than solely communicating via email, schedule virtual meetings with your clients to get face-to-face interactions. You can answer any questions they have and tell if your client is hesitant through body language. You can also help your clients understand your virtual platforms through screen sharing and helping them navigate your system to ensure everything is complete and up to date.

Send your meeting agenda ahead of time to show your client that you are well prepared, and you will not waste their time.


  1. Say Thank You

After closing a sale, showing gratitude is the most powerful interaction you can have. Follow up with your customer to ensure all their questions are answered and ask them how their experience was working with you. You can do this through email automation; however, if you want to add an extra individualized touch, calling your client shows them that you are thinking of them and genuinely care about their experience.


Mastering the tips above and shifting your perspective may lead to higher personal engagement with clients. Data collected through your platforms may help you understand your clientele better and ensure they receive what they want, need, and expect. Digitization is not all bad; with these personalized touches, you may help your client achieve their goals.


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