Does Your State Allow Remote Online Notarization in 2023?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) has been growing in popularity over the years because it provides a convenient and secure way for individuals to notarize documents from the comfort of their homes. This was especially important during the pandemic, and it’s one of the changes that’s sticking around. 


RON has been made possible by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“E-SIGN”), passed by Congress in 2000. This act authorizes electronic signatures and notarizations for transactions between two or more parties in all jurisdictions where federal laws apply.


However, not all states have adopted RON laws, and some states are still in the process of implementing them:


  • Currently, 4 states—California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Connecticut—have not adopted permanent RON laws.


  • North Carolina, Maine, Delaware, and Illinois are all implementing RON and are expected to have these laws in place by the end of the year.


The SECURE Notarization Act of 2021, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2022, set minimum standards for RON on a federal level. With 42 states already having enacted laws for RON and four more set to have laws become effective in 2023, this legislation complements existing laws while giving states the flexibility to establish their own standards. The bill requires U.S. courts and states to recognize notarizations performed by notaries from other states and allows for remote notarizations for individuals located outside the U.S. The passage of this legislation brings the country closer to a future where electronic mortgages are a reality.


The implementation of RON laws varies between states. Some states require notaries to undergo additional training and certification, while others require using specific technology to perform online notarization. It’s crucial to know the regulations and requirements surrounding remote online notarization (RON) in your state, as they may vary. To ensure the proper performance of RON, stay informed by checking with the Secretary of State or a relevant government agency for the most current information on RON laws and regulations in your state. 


It’s important to verify with the authorities in your state for the most recent information because the status of RON legislation is subject to change.


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