Adoption of Remote Online Notarization: A General Counsel’s Opinion 

Though remote online notarization existed well before coronavirus, this modern alternative failed to gain momentum until the pandemic hit. With social distancing guidelines in place, many turned to RON to promote safety and convenience. The urgency for RON caused many providers to scramble, resulting in creative solutions and heightened collaboration. In a recent interview, Rick Hecker, the underwriting counsel at Conestoga Title, details the hardships that accompanied the unceasing RON inquiries during the rise of COVID-19.

 When coronavirus became a threat, Hecker states that most of his time consisted of fielding RON questions. In March and April, specifically, it was seemingly impossible for Conestoga to stay afloat. With so many title and escrow agents making daily requests, Conestoga could not fulfill ongoing RON needs. Fortunately, now that we have had a year to adapt to the pandemic’s unrelenting challenges, RON providers like Conestoga have found a light at the end of the tunnel. 

 From Pennsylvania and Maryland to Virginia and Kentucky, Conestoga underwrites in several states. Each state has different RON legislation, which is why many title and escrow businesses struggled to understand remote online notarization at first. In Pennsylvania, in particular, the temporary nature of RON orders has proven a stumbling block. However, most states have more permanent legislation, so several agents experienced little to no setbacks when COVID-19 arrived. 

 As more title and escrow companies look to invest in RON, Hecker warns that not all RON platforms are the same. To ensure that businesses make the most sensible decision for their operations, Hecker recommends looking into the user-friendliness and integration of RON platforms. According to Hecker, breathing simplicity into the consumer experience is of paramount importance. If a client has a difficult time navigating the software, they will return to traditional methods. 

 With that said, companies should test out a product before implementing it. Not only does this bode well for increased understandings, but it also allows agents to determine how straightforward the software is. Above all else, businesses need to integrate RON into their procedures seamlessly. The only surefire way to do so is by pairing it with existing software. Some systems boast all the bells and whistles, making them highly sought-after and compatible with current programs. 

 Hecker maintains that consistency is vital. In other words, if a RON platform does not compliment your present applications, it will not be successful. As a strong proponent of this platform, Hecker urges businesses to look into comprehensive title production software adaptable to our new environment. With good insight and a thorough approach, Hecker knows that the future of RON can look exceedingly bright. 

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