Nine Reasons Loan Officers Need to Publish

It’s 2021, and mortgage lenders need to start publishing to get their names out there. With the advent of the internet, it has become second nature to seek information before deciding whether to find a dinner recipe, start a project, or purchase a home. It’s also become more accessible than ever to find that information.

This ongoing search for information offers an opportunity for companies to create published work that will significantly impact the way consumers find them and the way they are regarded in their industry.

Here are nine reasons mortgage lenders should start publishing.

Become Influential

People of influence are discovered through published work. As a person of power, you can take the driver’s seat and help make changes that suit the needs of your business. Getting published allows you to influence people seeking mortgage information.

Lead Generation

Being published allows you to show current clients that they should depend on you for anything related to mortgages while showing new prospects why they should choose your business. It provides a forum to build relationships while creating sales pieces to share in your promotional packages, social media, website, and blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The more you are published online, the more you build your online presence. Becoming a person of influence encourages others to link to your information, improve your SEO efforts, and raise your profile as you become more visible.

Build Trust

As your SEO ranking improves, you will become a more trusted online resource. You will be seen by more people searching for mortgage information who will learn more about your company and your expertise. You will be viewed as an expert in the mortgage lending industry.

Gain Respect from Peers

The trust you gain will also influence others in your industry. Your published articles, especially those in influential forums, will garner respect from your peers. The more you are issued and the more influential the mediums you appear, the faster you will become recognized as an industry thought leader.

Industry Leadership

As you gain authority in your industry, you will also find yourself becoming a prized commodity in the conference circuit. Finding speakers for conferences is often dependent on who is being read and heard through published work. This can lead to interest from conference producers in need of new voices to help them gain traction for their event. Conferences are yet another way you will gain exposure for your company.

Consistent Branding

When you publish your work, you have control over how your company is viewed. You can build your brand personality with a consistent message that reflects your business in a positive light. The focus will be what you offer, building equity and recognition for your brand.

Free Publicity

Once your work is published, it will be accessible for editors, reporters, and bloggers during their research. You can become a source for quotes and input for other online sources, which provides free publicity, the best of organic marketing.


Published work helps raise your business profile to generate industry recognition and possibly even nominations for awards. 

You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to get published. You need to share your mortgage knowledge via engaging, educational information that prospects can understand and peers will respect.

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