5 Tips for When You are Dealing with Challenging Clients 

When life-changing or sensitive documents are being signed, emotions can run high. As a Notary, you may have experienced a few less than gracious clients in these situations. Don’t let a client’s temper rattle you! It can be a test of strength to take a deep breath and remember that their negativity isn’t directed at you personally.  


Below are five things to keep in mind when dealing with a challenging client:  

1. Stay professional and polite: Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor, even if the client is being difficult. Your calm and patient presence might help to diffuse the situation and keep the conversation on track.  

2. Listen to their concerns: Try to understand the client’s perspective and take their concerns seriously. Empathy can build trust, reduce anger, and show that you value their business. 

3. Set clear expectations: Make sure the client understands your role as a notary and the limits of your responsibilities. Questions or concerns about the document’s contents need to be directed to its author – a lawyer, title agency, etc. Prevent misunderstandings and avoid disputes by clarifying the process and your tasks.  

4. Communicate effectively: Keep the lines of communication open with the client and make sure that you clearly and effectively communicate your thoughts and expectations. Instead of attempting to shut down an upset client, offer other avenues of assistance. Perhaps a certain word or amount in the document causing the issue could be quickly explained by their lawyer or family member.  

5. Seek help if necessary: If the situation becomes too difficult to handle, don’t hesitate to seek help from a supervisor or manager. You need to protect your own well-being and ensure that the client’s needs are being met in a professional manner. 


Whether you’ve been a notary for 5 months or 5 years, remembering these tips could make all the difference when facing an enraged or irritated client.  At BNN Services, we focus on the entire customer experience for both in person and remote signings. We work hard to ensure we are respectful of the client’s time while accurately executing each notary responsibility. A document signing is the culmination of lots of hard work and tough decisions. We do our best to make it an easy and efficient process.  


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Since 2008, BNN Services has been trusted by title agencies, mortgage lenders, servicers, and consumers to perform loan and document signings in multiple languages across the country.  


Unlike other signing services, BNN Services “touches” every file 8 to 9 times, ensuring the process moves forward free of delays. That is why we have completed over 250,000 signings in all 51 jurisdictions and maintained a closing ratio of 96 percent.  

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