4 Ways Your Company is Losing Time and Money from Not Doing Business with A National Signing Service

We are officially living in a digital age thanks to COVID -19. The coronavirus has shown us that much of what we do can be done online. In many cases, a digital solution is the most cost-effective and convenient remedy for everyone involved. The digital advantage applies to document notarization as well. Digital signing and remote online notarization offer more flexibility than traditional signings.

Digital transactions can make important and sometimes complicated events like buying or selling a home easier. At the same time, these “virtual” transactions require a greater degree of security than in-person transactions.

If you’re a real estate agent, a loan officer or a title company executive, a national signing service can make your job easier. Here are the top four reasons your business should be outsourcing your signatures:

  1.  An established national signing service will have thousands of vetted and highly rated signing agents. These agents are available and able to virtually accommodate any schedule and all types of signings. National signing services can supplement your in-house team by providing extra help during times of increased transactional volume. They can also be used to replace your in-house team altogether.
  2.  Outsourcing your notary needs to a national signing service can be highly cost-effective. This is especially true if the volume of your transactions varies widely from one month to the next. By outsourcing your signings on an as-needed basis, you’ll save on salaries, employee benefit packages, training and other fixed costs involved in maintaining an in-house team. You’ll avoid paying salaries while your agents are experiencing downtime, and you’ll save on overtime pay when demand goes through the roof.
  3. With coronavirus still in the mix, you need signing agents who are well-versed in the latest state laws and authorizations governing online transactions. Regulations can vary from state to state and even from county to county. National signing agents comply with the latest legal requirements to ensure valid transactions.
  4. Signing Services perform Remote Online Notarizations (RON, webcam notarizations or online notarizations) and hybrid eSignings (electronic signatures, hybrid signings or hybrid closings).

Additionally, they provide flexibility in mobile notarizations where they can accommodate your signer’s location and schedule. Because online signings are secure and convenient, your clients will be happier, too!

Outsourcing to a national signing service can make your job easier and boost your bottom line. BNN Services provides a database of top rated, mobile signing agents that provide world class service as well as creates capacity and provides peace of mind for clients so they can grow their business with confidence!

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